Wednesday to Sunday

12:30 – 18:30

Salmon gunkan, japanese mayonnaise with kimuchi and tobiko fish roe, chives and katsuobushi (4 pieces) 10
Tuna gunkan, ponzu sauce, shallots olive oil, leek and ginger (4 pieces) 10
Spicy tuna futomaki (10 pieces) 16,5
California uramaki roll (8 pieces) 14,5
Sushi selection (12 pieces) 18
Nanbanzuke, japanese marinated fried fish with rice vinegar and purple onion 16.5
Fish hot roll, teriyaki sauce and togarashi pepper (6 pieces) 18
Shrimp and nori seaweed tempura, japanese mayonnaise with kimuchi and tobiko fish roe 13
Salmon karashi and unagui sauce 18
Kimchi salmon and gohan rice bowl 19
Vegetable gyosas, yakiniku sauce and fried onion 13,5
Chicken gyosas, citrus teriyaki sauce 13,5
Apple dessert gyosas, caramel sauce with miso and sisho 7
Tangerine and ginger sorbet, teriyaki sauce 7

Price in euros/VAT included.
An optional 10% service charge will be added to your bill.
No appetizer, food item or drink, and couvert, can be charged if the service has not been requested by the customer.
If you need any information about allergens, please ask the staff before ordering.